Greenville – Planning Today for Tomorrow

A Strategic Plan To Revive the Heart and Soul of the Delta

Comments and Ideas

We encourage productive feedback and comment on planning the future of Greenville. Courtesy and decorum should be observed. The comment section is moderated and comments may be edited for clarity and appropriateness.


3 thoughts on “Comments and Ideas

  1. Everyone knows without a doubt that the roads need to be fixed and on a regular basis. You are really working on cleaning up the city which it desperately needs but I would like to suggest enforcing No parking in the front yard on the grass for anything, anytime. That looks so Tacky! Especially when there is an Alley and you can easily park in the back. Cars just go up and down the curb in the front yard and this is bringing down the value of my house and the other houses of people that are taking pride in their yards. I am from Calif. and if you parked in your yard, you got a 500.00 fine in the mail. Maybe doing that would solve the problem plus bring in revenue. Also, [requiring compatible colors on] buildings [to preserve neighborhood character] and Southern Charm!”


  2. I think Greenville ,Ms should consider getting the Car shows back,along with Delta wildlife Expo.Also concerts,wrestling etc would be great.Places for people to fish with kids.Also there is still entirely to many teenagers walking streets after midnight.


  3. I think if Greenville utiliize their waterfront more and make it more attactive with splash pads and other attivities and events it would create developments in the Downtown Area. Another thing is that Greenville needs to attract at least one major manufacturer to help out with unemployment rate. The city itself should consider investing in mixed use or other developments through bonds.


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