Greenville – Planning Today for Tomorrow

A Strategic Plan To Revive the Heart and Soul of the Delta

2. Direction – Developing a New Vision

Step 2 – DirectionHeart and Soul

Direction involves the critical step of creating a community vision and mission. From its vision of the future, informed by current realities, a community may establish specific, measurable goals and objectives. These goals may answer questions such as:

  • Where will the community grow?
  • How will we seek to preserve and redevelop older areas?
  • What transportation improvements are needed?
  • What are the priority development needs of the community?

Strategic Directions for Greenville

From the public engagement process described below, nine strategic directions have been identified along with a broad vision statement. These directions will be reviewed and refined and ultimately will provide the direction for the Plan for Greenville. View Greenville’s Strategic Directions here: Greenville Vision and Strategic Directions Report – DRAFT

First Input Meetings Completed

The public input meetings were completed during the evening of April 7 – 9. Over 150 Greenvillians gathered to review background data and to begin the process of shaping the Greenville’s community vision. Thank you Greenville. Your input and participation was excellent! The information from the meetings is being cataloged and processed and will be posted by late April.


Public Meeting Flyer - Corrected