Greenville – Planning Today for Tomorrow

A Strategic Plan To Revive the Heart and Soul of the Delta

1. Discovery – How is Greenville Doing?

 Step 1 – DiscoveryHeart and Soul

Planning the future of a community expresses hopes and dreams but those hopes and dreams must be based in facts and reality, therefore Step 1, Discovery, in the planning process is collecting and analyzing data. This analysis must be done with a view towards truly and frightfully understanding the fundamental identity of a community.

The links below provide basic information on Greenville’s current development position and is a snapshot of information and analysis that will be provided in PlanGreenville!. Please review and comment on our feedback page. This page will be updated to check back often.


View Greenville’s Population Trends

View Current Land Use and Community Development Patterns

View Greenville’s Vacant and Tax Forfeited Lands

View Greenville’s Potential Environmental Redevelopment Sites

View Greenville’s Priority Sewer Rehabilitation Areas

View Single Family Dwellings – Owned and Rented

View Greenville’s Mobility Infrastructure

View Greenville’s Character Areas

Compare Greenville’s Population Changes by Block – 2000 vs. 2010

View Greenville’s Flood Hazard Areas

Historic and Special Districts

View Greenville’s Public Recreational Infrestructure